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Comic 665 - 5.82 - Pushed too far.

25th May 2017, 5:26 AM in Day 5
5.82 - Pushed too far.
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Author Notes:

Matt Knab 25th May 2017, 5:26 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
Not even Douglas can take that kind of beating without needing a moment to recuperate! I debated having a line from Shardis that last panel saying "um...hello? I can't carry ye." But I decided to end on a quiet, somber not.

That's the end of Day 5 Part 3! Some guest art is coming up next week, and then Part 4 begins. We check back in with Alice, Grin, and Pyotr facing Nolan himself. See you then and thanks as always for reading!


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Hmmm... he still needs to work on his confidence concerning his ability to shrug things off.
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