Comic 104 - 2.18

2nd Jan 2014, 2:40 PM in Day 2
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Again, as with stripes, Al has a sharp nose. Is this just a style with your female characters?
Matt Knab
Indeed. Too much anime, but at least I haven't gone full Escaflowne. (Love the show, but dang those noses...)
You don't joke those kind of people Al.. they tend to treat it seriously :x Fortunately not this guy.
Matt Knab
Hehe, yeah.
That joke is actually based on how ludicrous I find the idea of finding witches to burn at the stake. Either it is a witch, and threatening them harm makes you cursed and/or dead. Or they're not, and you're an idiot and a murderer. A lose-lose situation.
AHH! Someone who has seen Escaflowne! Have you seen the movie? The noses are much better and look less like they are the character's last ditch weapon
Matt Knab
Haha, yeah the movie was a definite improvement art-wise. Great soundtrack too. It's just unfortunate that they painted nearly all the characters with several gallons of emo.
I love Alice and Douglas so much XD
Matt Knab
I'm glad! Thanks for reading! :)
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