Comic 159 - 2.66

20th Mar 2014, 4:17 PM in Day 2
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Matt Knab 20th Mar 2014, 4:17 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Woah, third color page in one week! Is the quality okay? Adequate? Faster technique let's me do more color pages each week, I just want to make sure that it doesn't look terrible as a result.

Plus, the color reveals an interesting fact about Winnegrid's home! Most of her place is dark red and walnut, with spartan furnishings and large artworks - a dark, oppressive environment that fits with the whole vampire mythos. Her bedroom, however, is painted blue and green like a child's, or a grassy day-lit field.


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She's kinda cute :) Even if I'm not really into liking vampires :3
Matt Knab
Good thing she's not that kind of vampire! :) I'm a big fan of Grin's personality. She's smart and strong, sure, but she's just so...personable!
I also tried to go a very different way with vampires in TT, just in general, which we'll find out more about in Day 3.
The coloring looks great! If you can keep it up like this, I think it is definitely worth it!

Yes, Winnegrid is quickly becoming my favorite vampire of all time. :) When I find the time, this gal WILL be getting some fan art from me that's for sure!
Matt Knab
Cool, I'm gonna try to do as many in color as I can. Though with TT and Felora, that's 12 pages a week. I hope I'm not biting off more than I can chew! But I'm getting to the point that I can flat two pages while watching one TV episode, so we'll see. I'm up for the challenge!
Grin fan art would be awesome! XD
So she's basically a superhero. Can't say I've seen that before...
Matt Knab
I wouldn't really say she's a hero. I mean...she doesn't save people, she EATS them. She just tries to make sure they deserve eating.
You could make the argument that she's a vigilante, Punisher-style, except her motives are less about meting justice and more about not being hungry. :)
First mention of something called "The Guild." I wonder what that is...
Matt Knab
A bit of world-building. The Trust secretly fights supernatural threats, while the Guild openly fights super-villainy. There's a larger comic book styled world going on, but TT (at least these chapters) stays focused on a small part of it.
Ooo I like her style! Smart! Monster killing bad PEOPLE..
Matt Knab
She's trying to live as a vampire responsibly. :)
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