Comic 163 - 2.70

26th Mar 2014, 3:32 PM in Day 2
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Matt Knab 26th Mar 2014, 3:36 PM edit delete
Matt Knab

So, I tried several different new techniques here, so the page probably has a bit of an eclectic appearance. I'd love your opinions on which panels work and which don't, which effects are cool and which I should just not ever do again, hehe. :)


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My favorite is how you did the heart beat in panel 3. This technique switch definitely gave me a good jump while reading it.
Matt Knab
Awesome! I was actually afraid that the way I did that panel would appear like something of a cop out. I really liked how it looked with just the red overlay on the B&W line art, but I'm glad to have a second opinion!
Looks like she's gonna regret that decision! XD
Matt Knab
Something intense is definitely happening, that's for sure!
Gah! Nuuuu, resist! They said there'd be desserts later! You don't want to spoil your appetite! D:
Matt Knab
Haha, YES. Don't eat Al, there are cookies back at base!
No, don't do it!

I think the overall page works really well! I like the panel in the top right the most.

I think the one that is maybe the weakest is the one second from the bottom. The speed lines look maybe just a *tad* weak. I think it might be the color, because with the panel in the top right, you're going for a similar look with the speed lines, and it works perfectly there, just with the lineart.
Matt Knab
Thanks for the feedback! I really liked the top right panel too, but I didn't trust myself. Afraid I was being lazy! :)
Maybe she is related to Van Helsing, and that is why all the monsters are afraid of her?

Or a Belmont. Or something.
Matt Knab
That would be interesting if this turned out to be an unnecessarily complicated, secret sequel to Castlevania! XD
Those first monsters were afraid of Al, right? I think Winne somehow felt what scared them too right now..
Matt Knab
You nailed it! :D
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