Comic 166 - 2.73 - What hat?

31st Mar 2014, 3:16 PM in Day 2
2.73 - What hat?
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Matt Knab 31st Mar 2014, 3:21 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
So, the question is...did he lose the hat and doesn't want to admit it, or has he really forgotten about it already?

Hey, TT just went over 2000 visitors! Thanks to everyone who is reading!
Also, thanks to those who voted for TT on TWC! I'm going to have to come up with a voting incentive to be a thank you for voting! Any requests?


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My vote is for "already forgotten." XD

For the TWC incentive: character sketches from the development stage always fascinate me!
Matt Knab
Ah, that's a cool idea!
Heck yeah, concept drawings rule!
Matt Knab
Time to go spelunking in ye old sketchbooks!
Yay for color pages! These last couple of pages have really been lookin' good! :D
Matt Knab
Thank you so much!
I'm really glad you are enjoying the color pages! I'm really getting the process down, so I'm hoping that Day 3 will be 100% color! XD
Come ON Douglas! You couldn't have already forgotten about Hat Guy's Hat!!
Matt Knab
He probably lost it while tussling with Winny, and doesn't want to admit it.
And it's totally NOT because I forgot to draw it for awhile and then decided to make a joke out of its absence! >.>
Ahahah! The best mistakes are always the ones you can incorporate into the comic!
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