Comic 168 - 2.75 - Allow me to show you the way out, sir.

2nd Apr 2014, 2:43 PM in Day 2
2.75 - Allow me to show you the way out, sir.
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Matt Knab 2nd Apr 2014, 2:45 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Wow, Douglas was thrown so hard his tie came off. o.O Way to go, lackey.


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I wouldn't recommend throwing a guy who has the tendency to destroy buildings.. reaaaalllyyy...
Matt Knab
I know, right!
At least now we know that Douglas isn't the only bruiser on the scene.
It's the unceremonious exit ;D
Hee hee... the title of this page, and seeing the first panel with it, totally made me LOL. XD
Matt Knab
Cool! :) I realized I was missing an opportunity for an extra little joke each day by only listing the page number as the title. :D
First his hat, now his tie. Maybe the bouncer threw him out for subvertly taking off another article of clothing while we weren't looking, and didn't want it to go too far...
Matt Knab
Yeah, if he's gonna do that sort of thing, he should do it WHILE we're looking.
I mean his hat and tie, of course! Not the whole going too far thing!
Pyotr. x3
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