Comic 169 - 2.76 - Gosh, your feet are rather ominous.

3rd Apr 2014, 2:55 PM in Day 2
2.76 - Gosh, your feet are rather ominous.
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Matt Knab 3rd Apr 2014, 2:59 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Who might this be?
Check back tomorrow to find out on the final page of Day 2!


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I like that middle panel from upper view :D
Matt Knab
Thanks! I wanted the transition up to the rooftop to not be too jarring. :D
Oh, I thought Douglas woulda put up more of a fuss than that.

I wanna see who that person is! :o
Matt Knab
Well, in that first panel, he is having a delightful (to him) fantasy of knocking down the building. Then, he had a terrifying (again, to him) flashback of being pinned to the ground by Grin.
By the time panel 2 comes along, he's decided to call it even and go home. ;)
That, or there was only one more page left in the book. I like the first story better, though, more subtext. XD
Wow, day 2 coming to a close.
Matt Knab
The good news is, Day 3 is nearly twice as long!
Evil leg is the best lackey.

Mr. Williams. Evil AND Welsh. My wife would approve. :)
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