Comic 170 - 2.77 - The shocking return of Elevator Guy

4th Apr 2014, 2:54 PM in Day 2
2.77 - The shocking return of Elevator Guy
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Matt Knab 4th Apr 2014, 2:54 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Hrm, does it count as a "return" if we've only seen him in a "flashforward"? We're seeing him again...for the first time!

Day 2 comes to a close! I hope you all are enjoying the story thus far. Next week will be some extras, and Day 3 will start either late next week or early the week after. Containing more mysteries, more action, and a surprising look at Douglas' origins! (Spoiler - does NOT involve lions or vitamins!) In fact, Day 3 contains so much, it's nearly twice as long as Day 1 or 2 was!


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Best page name ever. XD
Matt Knab
Hehe, thanks. Now I kind want to go back and name my earlier pages!
Cool... extras :)
Matt Knab
It's like if you got the DVD! :D
Yay! I'm excited to learn about Douglas' origins! Everyone's origin story, actually! Although I am surprised that no lions will be involved...

Maybe I will have to get around to making a fan art of Douglas VS Lion. XD
Matt Knab
Great! All will be revealed by the time Day 6 is over.

Yeah, Douglas isn't allowed in the zoo anymore (for perhaps obvious reasons), so no more lions. ;D
The elevator guy! Returning! So shocking!

Btw.. his name is mr Szmidt which sounds like a German name. If that's the case it should be written Schmidt. Or maybe it's confusing just to me cause as a Polish person I reas 'sz' as English 'sh' or German 'sch' :)
Matt Knab
I know, right?!

As for his name, I actually got this name from flipping through the phone book. Which means someone, somewhere out there, doesn't know how to spell their own name! o.O

Out of curiosity, by Polish do you mean you actually live in Poland? Because that would be ridiculously awesome!
I can bet my one monthly pay that the person in a phone book knows how to spell his/hers own name, but the person who was inputting the data screwed things up :P I know that because, no, I am not living in Poland, I have totally invaded your country (sooorrryyy, I will be probably moving forward later on cause I don't like staying in one place for too long :D), and all the time people are doing horrible mistakes in my name so now I don't even bother to correct them anymore :D

Why would it be ridiculous if I lived in Poland? :P
Matt Knab
Haha, probably! Though I see a lot of people through my work whose names are spelled oddly just to be "unique".

And I said living in Poland would be ridiculously AWESOME because that would mean someone was reading my comic from another country and that has a very high level of awesome to me! :D
Hm.. hm.. hm.. okay, let's do it like this. When I go to Poland to visit my family, I promise I'll get on the computer and will read the updates :D Will it be awesome enough? :D
Matt Knab
Yes, and YAY!
Another great chapter(day) I'm really enjoying the story, art and comments.

Although I think you've created an infinite loop, if elevator guy returns, but we've technically never seen him, that means we've seen him before in the past... but not yet? Then my mind blows up trying to figure everything out...

Or! he's a time traveler and time has no meaning to him! AH! I've cracked this mystery!
:O elevator guy!
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