Comic 172 - Fan Art from Brian

8th Apr 2014, 2:19 PM
Fan Art from Brian
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Matt Knab 8th Apr 2014, 2:19 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Today is a fan art from my friend Brian. Check out his webcomic HERE!
Thanks again! It was awesome to find this while going through my old books.

So, if my plans hold true, the cover for Day 3 will be Friday, with the first page of the new story starting on Monday. I'm going to continue the 5 pages per week schedule for the entirety of Day 3 (hoping for it to be entirely in color as well!). I'm hard at work on Day 4 now, but I MAY have to slow down once I start posting it online. We'll see how much I can write and draw in the coming months. Worst case scenario, I'll drop down to 3 pages a week.


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Wow, that's a good piece :)

Eh.. 3 pages a week is still lots. I'd really like to be able to make two again but don't see that happening in close future :<
Matt Knab
It is!
Definitely check out his comic, some really funny stuff there.

Yeah, 3 pages a week isn't bad. Especially when I'm doing so many pages of Felora every week too. I'm trying to convince myself it's OKAY to dial Felora back as well - trying to do 7 color pages of that every week on top of TT is getting to be a bit much, haha.
I forgot that you're also drawing Felora... Man.. you have any life left out there? :D
Matt Knab
The good thing is that I have years of Felora already drawn. I still have to ink and color it though! Definitely keeps me busy. :)
This is very cool! I like it lots! :D
Matt Knab
Me too! Pyotr and Nolan staring each other down, can't wait. :)
Ooh, a big thumbs up!
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