Comic 173 - Fan Art from Alicia

9th Apr 2014, 2:35 PM
Fan Art from Alicia
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Matt Knab 9th Apr 2014, 2:35 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Another piece of awesome fan art from Alicia, this time a great pinup of Winnegrid! Thanks again!
Make sure to check out Alicia's webcomic Silver. I'll be back tomorrow with my own Winnegrid pinup, and Friday with the cover for Day 3.


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Alicia made her really nice :D
Fab Illustration!
Matt Knab
Sure is! :D
She's a lot of fun to draw! (Just warning you, when I think a character is fun to draw, I typically like to draw them lots of times... >_>)
Matt Knab
My response to that is...YAY! :D
Awesome one, Alicia :D
I really like this one! Nice job Alicia!
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