Comic 182 - 3.7 - Monster magnet?

22nd Apr 2014, 2:46 PM in Day 3
3.7 - Monster magnet?
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Matt Knab 22nd Apr 2014, 2:47 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Uh oh, just when we thought it was safe...
( for a monster hunt, that is)


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But it's just a nice little girl, right?

Matt Knab
I hope so! I suppose we'll find out very soon.
This comment is hilarious with your current avatar, Roux. xD
lol! It fits perfectly! XD
Al, stop interacting with the demons, monsters, ghosts and otherwise spooky/paranormal denizens!

Those are for destroying ONLY!
Matt Knab
Yeah, I think she's doing it wrong!
Hahahah Al is a paranormal magnet :D
Matt Knab
It's odd that she both attracts and repels monsters at the same time. Hrm...
She's like a living death trap for them! Nice ability :D
Matt Knab
Now we just need to give her one of those laser swords and we'll be set!
Some people just have that gift.
Ok so Alice is a medium as well. She repels demons and other dark monsters, and she sees and can interact with the dead. This is very interesting.
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