Comic 183 - 3.8 - Must stop...the...frolicking!?

23rd Apr 2014, 3:10 PM in Day 3
3.8 - Must stop...the...frolicking!?
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Matt Knab doesn't APPEAR that she's in danger.
Though that hula hoop looks awfully crafty. >.>
I can just imagine what he's going to say in the next page...
Matt Knab
Taking all bets! :)
(not actually taking any bets)
Chris the Blue
Out the hoop down, and no one gets hurt!
At least she's got her cute rainbow shirt on.
Matt Knab
What'cha gonna to the ghost if it's so adorable!
lol That last panel. The look on her face. XD
I feel sorry for the little dead girl. She seems so happy with Alice and she's not scared of her. Could it be that she is actually a benevolent spirit and, thus, is not affected by Alice's powers?
Matt Knab
Remember, Grin didn't feel anything odd until she had, erm...improper thoughts.
I'm not falling for the cute look ghost-missy. And neither is Pyotr :P
Never trust little girl ghosts! SHOOT HER! oh wait... can ghosts get shot?
Matt Knab
Probably, but I don't know that it would do much. :)
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