Comic 187 - 3.12 - Not a very scientific test...

29th Apr 2014, 4:01 PM in Day 3
3.12 - Not a very scientific test...
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Matt Knab 29th Apr 2014, 4:01 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
*Please note* I am having some computer difficulties lately that need to be dealt with. I'm hoping that this will not cause an interruption, but I figured I'd let you know just in case! If I miss any of this week's updates, I'll catch up over the weekend.


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Wait... How can she touch them, but, they can't touch her?
Matt Knab
The head pat was more a gesture than an actual touch. :)
Poor kid is not comfortable with that xD
Matt Knab
I wouldn't be too keen on having someone put their hand through MY chest, that's for sure!
Aww, little ghost girl is just too adorable. :)
I love how you did that effect with the hand passing through her.
Well that spoils my "kid's not dead, gramma's just senile" theory. :P
Matt Knab
Though that WOULD have been hilarious. :)
Yeah, um, that just about killed my theory stone dead.
Matt Knab
Hehe, sorry!
Hey, this was the first page I ever saw of Twilight Trust when I originally bookmarked it for future reading. :)
Matt Knab
Heh, that's awesome!
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