Comic 196 - 3.21 - What's a hand between friends?

12th May 2014, 3:05 PM in Day 3
3.21 - What's a hand between friends?
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Matt Knab 12th May 2014, 3:08 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Never gonna live it down, Douglas? It was YESTERDAY. Geez...

Twilight Trust has exceeded 3000 visitors! Thanks to everyone who's reading. :D


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Sheesh, ya cut off a hand or two and suddenly everyone expects you to be more considerate. I just know this is gonna come up on the semi-annual job performance reviews. :/

Congrats on 3k visitors! :D
Matt Knab
I can't even imagine what his personnel evaluations look like. On a scale from one to five, all his marks are frowning/sad faces...
Hehe, thanks!
Congratulations! :)
Matt Knab
Thank you! :D
I'm interested in hearing her explanation.
Matt Knab
Tune in tomorrow. :)
Well you've got to hand it to Vocal. Everyone just wants to open up around him.
Matt Knab
It's his super power. :)
Mighty inconvenient at the grocery store.
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