Comic 20 - 1.19

8th Oct 2013, 6:59 PM in Day 1
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Caley Tibbittz Collopy
Whoa. Not the aproach I expected from him. Interesting.
Matt Knab
Yeah, Douglas is overtly violent, but Pyotr is more coldly analytical. Also, Pyotr knows what it's like to cost lives because he was too slow to act on his conclusions.
BLam is right
Finally getting around to reading this! Love what just happened.
Matt Knab
Yay! I am SO excited to hear what you think of TT, Proxy! XD
There went your sense of knowing what kind of guy Pyotr is lol. Coldly analytical it is then, geez!
Matt Knab
He certainly has many layers.
Mostly, he's seen too many die because he hesitated.
Whoa this guy is intense!!
Matt Knab
Peach doesn't mess around! He's a hard...peach. Guess he needs to ripen a bit?
Love how you draw guns O_O

And that WAS cold, bro. Though definitely seeing why recorders don't last longer than a week... XD;
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