Comic 201 - 3.26 - NO PRESSURE

19th May 2014, 4:21 PM in Day 3
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Matt Knab 19th May 2014, 4:21 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Well, as long as we're clear on the stakes...

Holy moley, Day 3 Part 1 wraps up this week! Fortunately, Day 3 is a bit longer than the previous two Days and will be at least 4 parts.


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Hmm... Sounds like Google+
Matt Knab
Haha, the fall of mankind? I'm rather a google fanboy, but even for me, google+ was just something that backed up my phone's photos automatically...
But then, I'm actually a little curmudgeonly when it comes to "social media" in general. I still refuse to make a Facebook or Twitter account! XD
I must know how Douglas comes up with all of these nicknames. I MUST.

Great looking page, as usual. :)
Matt Knab
Haha, some of his nicknames are pretty obvious, but some are rather obscure. I've actually got a strip half-drawn that shows how he came up with "Peach". I'm planning on putting it up as the vote-bait, and then on the comic later. The situation is mildly spoilery, so I won't show it till close to the end of Day 3.
Shining glasses, I always like this effect :D
Matt Knab
Thanks! I wanted a little more impact to that "oh dear" moment. :)
Yeah, the stakes aren't high or anything ;D
Matt Knab
Nope, mankind falls all the time. S'gotta learn to pick itself back up, right? ;D
Did you enjoy the thousand comments, Matt? I'll be back for more sooner than later. ;P
Matt Knab
I adore comments!
I don't, however, like the WiFi in the car repair place where I am currently stuck, lol. Let me reply, darn you! XD
Lol oh no! xD
Nothing like an apocalyptic premonition to liven things up.
Matt Knab
Right?! :D
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