Comic 219 - 3.40 - Wait...he doesn't ACTUALLY think that...

12th Jun 2014, 3:52 PM in Day 3
3.40 - Wait...he doesn't ACTUALLY think that...
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Matt Knab 12th Jun 2014, 3:52 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
We can only wonder what kind of shenanigans Douglas is imagining...


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Maybe he's imagining the "shenanigans" of the Ghost Busters.
Matt Knab
God only knows what is actually going on in that noggin of his!
Me thinks there's plenty more to discuss ;D
Matt Knab
They need to set up some employee guidelines about this kind of stuff...

Or tighten up their screening process.
"Any evil activities during the working hours are strictly forbidden"
Matt Knab
Yeah, that's what the lunch hour and two 15 minute breaks are for!
Matt Knab
Seriously. At least put a check box on the application form for "possessed, evil, or otherwise involved in dark magic". XD
'possessed' check, 'evil' check, 'involved in dark magic' check, 'trying to conquer/destroy the world' check, 'torturing kittens' oh come on! Do I look like some kind of a monster?
Matt Knab
Well, they have to put those obvious ones in there to make sure you're not just checking YES to everything. ;)
Nolan doesn't buy it for a second.
Matt Knab
Yeah, that flat stare in panel 2...
"wait more" xD
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