Comic 229 - 3.50 - That was a brief census.

26th Jun 2014, 2:47 PM in Day 3
3.50 - That was a brief census.
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Matt Knab 26th Jun 2014, 2:47 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Yay, more TT vampire lore!


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Ooh, very interesting. When he says "no more Elder Vampires" I'm wondering what Elder means. Can there still be vampires?
Matt Knab
I'm glad you asked!
In TT lore, Elder Vampires are considered the only "true" vampires. Winnegrid is one of these. All of the Elder Vampires share a common set of abilities (such as the energy leaching, enhanced speed, strength, and senses) but also have a unique Talent that differs for each one. Larsen's Talent is the ability to sense the location of other Elders, which is how he's survived longer than most of the others.

"Lesser vampires" or "vampire spawn" still exist (and multiply like rodents in some places), but those are MUCH weaker than any Elder and can usually be dealt with by normal humans if they know what they are.
Thanks for the clarification. It's always fun to learn more about this universe :D
Oooh, yes. Very interesting stuff! I wonder if we get to meet any of these guys? :3
Matt Knab
It's part world-building, and part laying the groundwork for a potential sequel. :)
So there are a lot of vampires but the weak ones? :)
Matt Knab
Yup! Plenty of minor ones, but they aren't really any stronger than an average human, and they have several additional weaknesses!
Reminds me a bit of the "Gehenna Storyline" in Vampire: The Masquerade. The elders awoke and purged the world of lesser vampires, themselves the only ones of any true value left. I'm curious as to what this "Guild" is...they seem to be hunting supernaturals.
Matt Knab
The Guild are the super heroes of the TT world. The Trust handles the supernatural threats and the Guild handles super villainy. We might see a bit of them later in the story!
Found the scene I was looking for! So if the Elders (like Grin) are high level, was Lilith an Elder who could raise other Elders? Or Lilith was an even higher level? I feel like there is more importance to this scene/connections I'm not making but I love revisiting it!
Matt Knab
That's so awesome that you went back to see! Lilith was the first Elder vampire, created with the unique ability to create more of her kind. I have ideas for "season 2" that will involve the remaining vampires quite a bit, which is why I spoke of them a bit here.
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