Comic 238 - 3.55 - Room service!

9th Jul 2014, 2:50 PM in Day 3
3.55 - Room service!
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Matt Knab 9th Jul 2014, 2:50 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Looks like he was pretty absorbed in that book! Anyone else fall asleep reading?


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Ha ha, cute. :)

I have never fallen asleep reading a book. I get too caught up in the story to get tired.

But playing Pokemon (especially while I'm level grinding)... now THAT has a calming affect that almost always puts me to sleep. XD
Matt Knab
If only you could keep leveling while snoozing! XD
NANCYYYY! <3 (I'm his number one fan!)

And no, never felt asleep while reading.. but... sometimes when I read for a long time I may go into half sleep state. I read and I know what I'm reading, I remember everything and I'm absolutely awake.. but the second I put the book down I feel like I was sleeping this whole time :)
Matt Knab
Nancy definitely gets his chance to shine before this is over!
I love reading, so I can't fall asleep while reading, but sometimes a book is so good that even after I put it down I can't sleep because I'm so into the story ;D
Matt Knab
Hrm, it seems the consensus that everyone stays awake with good books. Perhaps Vocal just decided to use it to shield his eyes? :)
I've fallen asleep like that about a thousand times with my phone lol.
Matt Knab
And now I'm picturing you asleep with your phone on your forehead, lol.
That would be a fun sight indeed XD
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