Comic 241 - 3.58 - Just bad luck, kiddo.

14th Jul 2014, 3:22 PM in Day 3
3.58 - Just bad luck, kiddo.
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Matt Knab 14th Jul 2014, 3:22 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Well, that was anticlimactic. Or perhaps Nancy should have added a "yet" in there somewhere. He doesn't see it...yet.

Based just on what happened to her a couple days ago, it's actually quite surprising Alice has held it together this long. She deserves to get a good rant out.


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Don't worry! We're all here for you!
Matt Knab
Al's got a pretty good support group now. :)
Awww... that's sad.
I always say that being normal is not that fun, especially when it comes to someone having super powers.. but.. having super bad luck is not this case .>.>.
Matt Knab
Worst. Power. Ever.
If anything can go bad, it will. :(
If only she were cursed with really good luck.
Matt Knab
Get this girl a four leaf clover, stat!
Yeah, were on your side Alice!
Bad luck? Thank goodness they don't live near Vegas.
She Could use it like Foul Olde Ron from Discworld uses his stench and have people pay her Not to be in an area.
Matt Knab
A very unique spin on a protection racket. ;)
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