Comic 242 - 3.59 - Dude, not cool!

15th Jul 2014, 2:40 PM in Day 3
3.59 - Dude, not cool!
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Matt Knab 15th Jul 2014, 2:40 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Jeez, Vocal, that was harsh...


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Ouch. D:
Time for Al to get some ice cream and turn on the TV for a bit, I think.
Matt Knab
Yeah, I don't think she was quite ready for the unnecessarily brutal honesty approach.
We all think that you are secretly a ruthless killer…wait…why are you so upset?
Matt Knab
"In fact, if you ARE secretly a ruthless killer, it was probably pretty stupid to upset you, huh?" ;D
Oh I'm sure he's just a riot at the company Christmas party...
Matt Knab
Vocal's power is basically to mess with people's heads, put them off balance, and get to the truth of things. He's their lead interrogator for that reason. He just has a hard time turning it "off" so to speak.
I know that interrogations are important, that finding the truth is important...
but seriously, I cannot imagine how awful it must be to be the victim and treated harshly because of being a suspect as well. It's not just about Al, I got this thinking many times now. It must be just.. awful.

But, coming back to Al. Lets hope everything will get better for her.
Matt Knab
It definitely can't be easy. We'll have to see if she deserves the harsh treatment or not.
Looks like he didn't just hit a raw nerve. He kicked it.
Matt Knab
And then some!
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