Comic 251 - 3.68 - Must be Tuesday.

28th Jul 2014, 3:53 PM in Day 3
3.68 - Must be Tuesday.
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Matt Knab 28th Jul 2014, 3:53 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
I just love how Winnegrid looks when she's walking away and pulling up her hood.


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I'm curious about this restaurant now.
Matt Knab
Must be pretty epic to withstand Douglas going there every Tuesday...
Oh ho! Maybe they really will help her. And I agree, Winnegrid looks badass.
Matt Knab
I think Winny's curiosity has been piqued.
Must be All-You-Can-Eat buffalo wing Tuesday again? >_>

I could see Douglas being a wing guy. XD
Matt Knab
Or ribs. Mmmm...ribs.
Yes, she's much more sith lordy with the hood up ;D
Matt Knab
That might actually be what that style of cloak is called!
I always wondered what Shardis looked like. That explains why you spoke in that accent whenever we played D&D. :)
Matt Knab
I'm sure I'll show him a bit more clearly by the end of this. He's not just a glowy butterfly. :D
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