Comic 252 - 3.69 - Table for two?

29th Jul 2014, 3:26 PM in Day 3
3.69 - Table for two?
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Matt Knab 29th Jul 2014, 3:26 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Fun fact: Characters in early Feloran Chronicles stories (well earlier than what I have posted on CF) got together at a diner on Earth called Joe & Mac's. Could there be a link?


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Poor Douglas :'(
He must always eat alone.
Matt Knab
There is that mysterious "Criss" he keeps talking about. Perhaps now we'll find out who it is?
Makes me wonder if it's a shared universe :D
Matt Knab
You never know! Both are different alternate histories, though the Felora story certainly has more than it's share of dimension hopping and time travel. >.>
Haha I feel like he just grabs a table all to himself, and that's like...his alone time XD
Matt Knab
Enjoys monster mashing and fine dining. :)
Douglas? Fine dining? What? Really? o.0

Sorry if I sound surprised... lol
Nah, out of everything, I totally can see it enjoying some good food :)
Matt Knab
He needs to get some use out of those suits, right? :D
I would like to know Douglas's nickname for Torlu xD
Matt Knab
Oh man, that would be one heck of an introduction, huh?
Too bad "tiny" is already taken. ;)
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