Comic 254 - 3.71 - Mind if I sit here?

31st Jul 2014, 2:53 PM in Day 3
3.71 - Mind if I sit here?
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Matt Knab 31st Jul 2014, 2:53 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Geez, I hope Alice isn't completely putting her foot into her mouth here.


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That was so subtle Al.. xD
Matt Knab
To be fair, it takes a lot to put Douglas off balance!
Yes, PLEASE tell us about it! We want the backstory! :D
Matt Knab
We'll get there very soon. Keep in mind that Douglas might be the worst person to tell his own back story - radioactive lion bite, anyone? ;)
Ouch, be a bit more sensitive Alice!
Matt Knab
Looks like she thinks the soft touch approach won't really do much in this case. Hopefully she doesn't push his buttons TOO hard.
If anyone's going to make him open up, it might be her.
Matt Knab
I hope so!
Alice has a way with Dillinger not many others have in the past...probably like whomever he bought the other meal for. I think he actually likes her.
Matt Knab
I think he does like her. Most of the Trust crew have come to like her pretty quickly since meeting her, in fact.
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