Comic 260 - 3.77 - Excuse me, sir. We have a strict "No Magic" policy at this restaurant.

8th Aug 2014, 3:02 PM in Day 3
3.77 - Excuse me, sir.  We have a strict "No Magic" policy at this restaurant.
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Matt Knab 8th Aug 2014, 3:02 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Yikes! Looks like Mr. Williams may give Douglas a run for his money.
Day 3 Part 3 finishes up next week. But this time...there's a Part 4! See you then!


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Guys? Uh, guys? Maybe we should take this outside? XD
Matt Knab
Well, it WAS a fine dining establishment. D:
Yes, this guy looks like a good match for Douglas. Looking forward to seeing how part 3 finishes up :D
Matt Knab
I'm very excited to be up to this point in the story!
Woohoo! Are we gonna get some Feloran level fighting between these two?
Matt Knab
Not QUITE the world shattering kind here. At least, not until Grin joins in. ;)
Check please! Table one. Ya' know what I'm just gonna leave some cash on the table and see myself out...
Matt Knab
You definitely do not want a serving of what HE'S having!
The Chessmaster
Hopefully neither of them catches fire during their fight. I imagine this place has a strict "no smoking" policy.
Matt Knab
I really don't think their insurance would cover it, that's for sure!
The guy is not only super hot but also shines with BLUE! .O_______O.
I'm sorry Douglas.
I know I should be cheering on you very much (and deep down I am, rly!)
But I just can't stop staring .>.<.
Matt Knab
Haha, fair enough. Stare away! XD
The Chessmaster
Hmm... this series seems to be setting up for a lot of battles between suited warriors with herculean physiques. We'll need a special term for them at this rate. "Sharp-Dressed Giant Fights" (SDGF for short), perhaps?
Matt Knab
Haha, yeah. I wonder if the cut of their suits grants them special powers? ;D
It's either Kamehameha or Hadouken. Not sure which yet.
Matt Knab
Please don't set the place on fire! :O
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