Comic 269 - 3.83 - Duck!

21st Aug 2014, 3:42 PM in Day 3
3.83 - Duck!
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Matt Knab 21st Aug 2014, 3:42 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Ack, watch out, Winnegrid!


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Let's tag team this guy! GO! :D
Matt Knab
Winnegrid IS very good at pinning.
I can't believe I forgot she was hanging around somewhere.
Matt Knab
She was hanging out front and being unobtrusive. :)
Two and a half on one? This guys so screwed :D
Matt Knab
It looks like he's aiming to reduce their numbers quickly.
OH GOD. Get outta the way!!!
Matt Knab
Don't think, just duck!
Toxic Keg
Ooh, I like her.
Matt Knab
Winnegrid is awesome. :)
Yay! It's Winnegrid.For Douglas sending people screaming from the building is just a lucky side effect ;D
Matt Knab
It just means he's being impressive. :)
Matt Knab
And do it now!
Matt Knab
Indeed! This is not what Grin thought she was walking into.
I think he might be making a teeny weeny mistake.
Matt Knab
Whatever happens next, you can bet Winnegrid will make him pay for it!
Does Grin look nervous in that last cell?
Matt Knab
Surprised, more like!
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