Comic 270 - 3.84 - Oh, I guess we're fighting now?

22nd Aug 2014, 4:23 PM in Day 3
3.84 - Oh, I guess we're fighting now?
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Author Notes:

Matt Knab 22nd Aug 2014, 4:23 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Well, let the action commence, I guess!


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Lady beater! Shame on you, man!
I advocate equal rights in fights lol
Well she wasn't really fighting him... yet :P
Matt Knab
Yeah, that was definitely a sucker club.
Uh, glowy eyes? I can't help but think this is a bad thing. >_>; Hang in there, Winnegrid! We are cheering for ya!
Matt Knab
Vampire's eyes glow orange when they are exerting themselves, or just not hiding their nature.
Unlike when she was tackling Larsen, this is pushing her a bit further!
Oh yea!!! Is she gonna go all Hulk-like and rage on him?? :D I'd like to see that! (although I bet Douglas would be jealous he didn't get more action)
Matt Knab
They will both get their licks in before this is over. :D
Toxic Keg
You just made a vampires eyes glow. That can't be good for you.
Matt Knab
It means the kid's gloves are off, that's for sure!
Love this action! I'm sure this is going to be another epic battle.
Matt Knab
Thanks! I hope it will be. :)
Did he just hit MY Winnegrid! *steam*
Matt Knab
He sure did. He is not a nice man. >:O
The Chessmaster
Honestly, Chuck, going against a vampire stronger than Douglas and able to kill people in seconds isn't my idea of a genius move.

I'm really looking forwards to where this goes next. No clue who's going to win.
Matt Knab
I think he knows just how strong Winnegrid is and that's why he didn't hesitate to get the drop on her.
If he didn't surprise her, this would be going very differently!
Super epic block. but now I'm left in suspense o.o
Matt Knab
I won't keep you hanging too long! :D
wha... its ... damn it !! im current.... Subscribed .. the Ponys will speak soon.. I promise.. Im really impressed with this :D
Matt Knab
Wow, read the whole thing in one shot? I'm honored!
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! :D
I had a lot of time inbetween renders .. >_< so yeah read the whole thing.. :D
Methinks that was consider to be a glancing blow...a warning shot, if you will. Still, it's enough to piss her off for sure.
Matt Knab
I think he's more trying to get her out of the fight right away!
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