Comic 272 - 3.86 - Panic?

26th Aug 2014, 2:47 PM in Day 3
3.86 - Panic?
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Matt Knab 26th Aug 2014, 2:47 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Punch harder, am I right?


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Anime rule no.07 - if an opponent is stronger than you and beats you up, get stronger than him before the fight ends and beat the crap out of him! :D
Matt Knab
We need more training! XD
Wait wait wait, does Douglas not understand the concept of synergy?? Come on dude, pair up and throw some punches!

Either way, I don't see Douglas giving her up this easily...right?
Matt Knab
I think teamwork will be the key to this fight.
Aaaaaa you gotta go Super Saiyan Douglas!!!
Matt Knab
That's...actually pretty frightening. :D
Quick! Use teamwork! :D
Matt Knab
Good advice!
Smart money is on more punching... Or possibly some sort of as yet hidden magic sword of unparallelled excellence.
Matt Knab
Ah man.. I have anxiety-- no way Douglas would give her up XDD..right? He strikes me as more the type to fight extra hard even if he knows he's against somethin' he can't handle >_>
Matt Knab
Douglas doesn't really know how to give up. Now, using poor Alice as a distraction, however... ;)
I think Win should have a vote in this conversation.
Matt Knab
*mumbles in the debris*
Toxic Keg
Well, you could always rely on dirty tricks, that usually works.
Matt Knab
Quick, kick sand in his face!
Kick him in the crotch! That seems to work most of the time.
Matt Knab
Haha, there's an idea. :D
I think he should team up with Winnegrid and beat his ass together.
Matt Knab
I like the shadow effect on Douglas's face. You can't really see his reaction...makes you think what he's really thinking.
Matt Knab
He couldn't be thinking of tossing poor Alice to the wolves and making a break for it! Could he?!
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