Comic 273 - 3.87 - Strategic withdrawal.

27th Aug 2014, 2:41 PM in Day 3
3.87 - Strategic withdrawal.
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Matt Knab 27th Aug 2014, 2:41 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
That's actually some solid thinking... Good job, Douglas!


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Ha ha, in a way I didn't see this one coming. In a way, I totally could've predicted it.

Aw, someone cares a lot about Alice. :) (But not about Winnegrid I guess, lol)
Matt Knab
He is predictably unpredictable! :D

Douglas knows Winny can take care of herself. Better to draw away Williams and give her a moment to recover.
That Douglas never fails to surprise me ;D
Matt Knab
Gotta keep things interesting!
Is that a potential 4th wall break?
Matt Knab
Nah, Alice has just seen enough of Douglas to be surprised by the concept of him running away.
Toxic Keg
I would definitely choose running at this point.
Matt Knab
Getting outside, at the very least, would be helpful.
wow.. ok im impressed .. good move Douglas :D * happy *
But...Winnegrid...she's still there O.O Then again, he's not gonna bug her much longer...probably just chase these two down. Did not expect this either--pretty much had the same reaction as Alice! Guess you do use other tactics, Douglas XD
Matt Knab
Winny will be fine, she just needs a moment to recover. And now Douglas is running away with the bait to lure Williams away!
The Chessmaster
Wow. I did not see that coming. That's... actually pretty smart, Douglas. Although I imagine Winniegrid will be calling him "Brave Sir Douglas" for a good while...
Matt Knab
It'll be a good long while until she lets him off the hook for running away in the face of danger, heheh.
Awwwww Douglas!! Showin off your caring side <3
I love you, man! But um...poor Winnegrid? She gonna be a'ight?? XD
Matt Knab
He's trying to make a bad situation better. :)
I bet he'll get the blame for the restaurant, though.
Oh... it seems like it was a good idea. The bad guy will run after them anyways cause he doesn't care for Winne, he wanted her out of the way. And with an easy targer like Alice by his side, Douglas wouldn't be able to fight well :)
Matt Knab
You got it exactly!
You can really feel the intensity in their dialogue. It's what I love about TT! XD
Matt Knab
Aw...thank you! :D
Oh Douglas! You DO Care!!!
Matt Knab
Beneath that hard exterior, he has a soft chewy center. He's like a...tootsie pop?
I don't wanna know how many licks it takes to get to his center...I really...really don't wanna know.
Matt Knab
We should probably not find out...
Good job, Douglas! *throws him a Douglas-snack* xD
Matt Knab
Haha! If only he could be directed that way. :)
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