Comic 278 - 3.92 - That mace looks familiar...

4th Sep 2014, 3:18 PM in Day 3
3.92 - That mace looks familiar...
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Matt Knab 4th Sep 2014, 3:18 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Probably not a great time for a trip down memory lane, though. Snap out of it, man!


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So THAT'S where his destructive behavior comes from!
I really hope the next part shall be revealed with some pictures of younger Douglas... :3

Really cool fire effects there! And the shadows... VERY NICE!
Matt Knab
You may get your wish very soon!

Thanks! :D
Orphanage? Not nice, man... not nice .>____>.
Matt Knab
Yup! And no, not nice at all. Super bad, in fact.
Clanjack Farlo
Oh man, the fire! Beautifully done, man! ;D
And the shading in the entire page is awesome. Very dramatic, nice impact!
Matt Knab
Thanks! I had fun with the fire effects. :)
I love that top panel! Great work!
Matt Knab
Thank you!
Douglas ya gotta FOCUS, my man!! D:!!

But this guy is intense...sheesh :O
Matt Knab
Hey, it's great that he's remembering things, but he really needs to fight back!
I think I got it.
When Alice started her insensitive talk with Douglas in the restaurant, he said that this time helps him almost remember something.

Than this guy appeared. Actually, he appeared before. But both times Douglas did not respond to his face anyhow. He responded to him wanting to take Alice. He DIDN'T RECOGNIZE HIM.

Now that the guy started bragging about destroying the place when Douglas was brought up.

So Douglas was going to this restaurant all the time because that day when it happened he and his friend were there. Or some other place like this. He was trying to play this day over and over to SEE WHO DID IT because trauma caused him to forget the face!

And now he has the answer. And now he'll get pissed...

It was nice meeting you Mr Williams, have a nice death :P
Matt Knab
You are starting to connect the dots! A couple important dots are missing, and there's one very important connection that may be difficult to make. :)
I love hearing people's theories as we get closer to big reveals. :D
Toxic Keg
Me. Love. Fire.
I see this unfolding like Saari said.

Douglas is about to go Nuclear, I can feel it.
Matt Knab
Something's gotta give, and I wouldn't want to be on Douglas' bad side when it does!
Great character development. Characters with sad back stories tend to be the strongest.
Matt Knab
Thanks! Yeah, Douglas does not have a very pleasant past. We're getting close to finding out some of the reasons he acts the way he does.
I know this sounds horrible, but I love to see strong characters finally break down. There's an odd enjoyment about seeing them this way--it reveals more of who they are and humanizes them. Seriously love this.
Matt Knab
Great! I purposely chose to show Douglas as nigh-invincible for the first part of the story so that times like these have all the more impact!
Oh wow...that flashback cell...with Douglas's face half and half...brilliant!
Matt Knab
Thanks! Had fun with this one.
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