Comic 279 - 3.93 - Monster repellent, activate!

5th Sep 2014, 2:54 PM in Day 3
3.93 - Monster repellent, activate!
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Matt Knab 5th Sep 2014, 2:54 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
I guess Alice's super power DOES work pretty well if she acts as a human shield...


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I guess she should care for whom she is shielding? :)
Matt Knab
I doubt she would do this for just anyone!
Whoaaaa she is really stepping up! I think all the fast forwards are coming together...I think I have an idea of where this is going. Although that's usually when something unexpected happens.
Matt Knab
There's still lots of twists and turns coming. The end of this Day is only the halfway point!
A VERY handy power it turns out.
Matt Knab
Just takes some clever application! XD
The Chessmaster
Clever... using the fact that she's walking monster repellent and that Mr. Nolan wants her alive to protect Douglas. I think Alice has officially multiclassed to "badass."
Matt Knab
I like to think that she's not even thinking of that, and is just doing what she can to protect her friend. :D
I love these parts where a character reveals some courage.
Matt Knab
Indeed! Alice is really stepping up!
Our girl is brave! :D
Matt Knab
I agree. She's earning her part on the team. :)
aw cute :3
How did I forget she could do that? Maybe it didn't occur to me that she would...

I was still betting on the secret magic laser sword.

It's coming... I know it
Matt Knab
Where's Tiny when you need him!
And....Will save....failed.
Matt Knab
Haha, yeah. He even rolled pretty high, too.
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