Comic 287 - 3.100 - That's...not how arms work.

17th Sep 2014, 2:38 PM in Day 3
3.100 - That's...not how arms work.
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Matt Knab 17th Sep 2014, 2:38 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Day 3, page 100! Woohoo!
Looks like Douglas has shaken off more than just the shadow of his past.


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Checkmate! :D
Matt Knab
The endgame has just begun. :)
Now it's time to put him in his place!
Matt Knab
At least, time for a real battle!
Intimidation - one of the necessities of a good fight :D
Matt Knab
Psychological warfare!
Lt. Dom
I really like the way you're characters look at profile. It's an instantly recognizable and unique style.
Matt Knab
Thanks! I usually get a lot of criticism for my profile shots due to the long noses and side mouths. I totally understand the criticism, but this way just feels more RIGHT to me. I'm glad that you're liking the style!
Toxic Keg
You're not out of the woods yet.
Matt Knab
Not by a breeze or a stormwind.
It may have taken a few pages, but we finally got to the team rally! Although the delay was way worth it ^_^
Matt Knab
We are still missing a team member, though. Spoiler alert: not for long. ;)
Oooohh SNAPS...someone done underestimated his opponents! You tell him Douglas!
Matt Knab
They've both got some more surprises before it's over. XD
Ooh, Douglas.. where were you?? Worried for nothing I guess.
Matt Knab
He was just taking a stroll down memory lane. It doesn't happen very often to him, so he was taking the scenic route.
seems that way now kick his can !!!
Did Douglas just say something....intelligent?
Matt Knab
He's actually quite bright, he just plays dumb to get out of the paperwork. ;)
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