Comic 290 - 3.103 - The shocking return of...oh, it's just Peach.

22nd Sep 2014, 2:52 PM in Day 3
3.103 - The shocking return of...oh, it's just Peach.
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Matt Knab 22nd Sep 2014, 2:52 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Yup, Peach is here. The odds are stacking against Mr. Williams.


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Ah, he looks so cool here... With the wind blowing, hands in pockets... OH MAN! So much badassness here. XD
Matt Knab
He has to try hard to make sure he gets SOME of the spotlight. It's hard with Douglas and Winnegrid around. ;)
that cut on his face disagrees with him on Douglas' lack of 'capability'.
Matt Knab
The sad part is, he did that to himself when he slapped Alice. :(
Some of those bruises are Douglas handiwork though! :D
Here comes the gang ;D
Matt Knab
Time for a teamup attack!
Okay, I am having a little difficulty keeping track of names when Douglas gives everyone a nickname. Would you mind creating a simple cast page just to help people match nicknames to names.
Matt Knab
That's a great idea!
I agree with this. I love nick names, but it was the one thing I had trouble keeping straight when I was first getting into TT.
Pfft then you don't know Douglas, Chuck XD

Also, did you mean to say "the man he is today" instead of "the man his is today" in the first bubble?
Matt Knab
Ack, yes, thank you! Fixed.
I got Felora right today, so the typo moved over here. XD
The Chessmaster
Uh oh... something about his face makes me think that he means "isn't capable" in the sense that there's some built-in limiter, either mental or physical, that keeps Douglas from killing him. I hope I'm wrong.
Matt Knab
Any psychological conditioning to make Douglas NOT punch something is doomed to fail. ;)
Peach looks so super cool!
Matt Knab
Glad you think so! :D
Yes! I guessed right! :D
Go Peach tell him! And Douglas go kick his butt! :>
YES! Called it! And Pyotr comes in with such swagger, too. He needs to put some Avenged Sevenfold on his ipod for the upcoming fight
Matt Knab
I always wonder what he's listening to all the time. Pyotr's bad with new tech, so no iPod for him. He's still rocking a Walkman. :)
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