Comic 292 - 3.105 - Air combo.

24th Sep 2014, 2:47 PM in Day 3
3.105 - Air combo.
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Matt Knab 24th Sep 2014, 2:47 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Douglas really needs to learn how to block.


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The ring man, the ring!
Matt Knab
Ssshhhh, no coaching! ;)
Or not close his eyes while fighting >_>
Matt Knab
Yeah, that's not a smart move.
Blocking is great, but I much prefer dodging because then you don't get hit at all XD
Matt Knab
Either is better than standing there and taking it. XD
Kids always fighting with their sticks.

...And when those are gone it is time for punching.
Matt Knab
Indeed. It's the playground all over again. :-/
Or do what he does best...less talking, more fighting :)
Matt Knab
Yeah...talking doesn't seem to be going well for anyone tonight!
Personally I think he's just putting more fuel on the fire at this point.
Wow...I haven't seen a Bam like that since MTV.
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