Comic 293 - 3.106 - I don't think he's sorry at all.

25th Sep 2014, 3:22 PM in Day 3
3.106 - I don't think he's sorry at all.
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Author Notes:

Matt Knab 25th Sep 2014, 3:22 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Ouch. Cutting to the chase, Pyotr?


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Matt Knab
Indeed. Pyotr's not one to play around.
Nice work Pyotr! We can't have him running around on the streets.
Matt Knab
Hopefully that's enough to put him down!
Technology baby! :D
Matt Knab
Yeah...Williams brought a mace to a gun fight? ;D
Please tell me this is some special gun that IS actually gonna hurt this guy!! I just get the feeling it can't be THAT easy >__>
Matt Knab
Well, those ARE pretty special bullets and that HAS to hurt.'s probably NOT that easy.
Hehe YES. Pyotr, you're awesome. Although I dunno how much damage that did >.>

Also, I think ineffectively has one "n".
Matt Knab
You are correct. Okay, tomorrow, I promise, no typos. XD
Just so everyone knows...

When it comes to bad grammar and spelling in a comic, I am the undisputed champ. Stand down Matt. That trophy is mine, and mine alone.
Matt Knab
Haha, I'll try not to steal your title. :D
Peach has to be my favorite character now :D
Matt Knab
Hey, if you have a hard time picking your favorite character, that means I'm doing my job right. XD
That's probably not mere technology and those were probably not ordinary bullets.
Matt Knab
They are Pyotr's special blend. Silver casings inscribed with runes, interior a pellet of iron and salt. :)
Imma have to bus' a cap up in this B**ch!
Matt Knab
Or four, haha.
This is the kind of fight explosive rounds were made for. Not even an eye blink at being shot up like that till BOOM.
Matt Knab
Game OVER!
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