Comic 294 - 3.107 - Fun over?

26th Sep 2014, 2:33 PM in Day 3
3.107 - Fun over?
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Matt Knab 26th Sep 2014, 2:33 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Don't be ungrateful, guys...


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Moaning at the big, dangerous guy, being taken down? Okay, let's bring him back! For your personal enjoyment ;D

I love that last panel.. both the creepy angry smile and those words... uhhh feels chilly :D
Matt Knab
A great example of "be careful what you wish for!"
Haha awww, so sweet, Al!

And you shut it, Chuck. We're havin' a moment here! XD
Matt Knab
Williams just doesn't know when to quit!
Oh sure, bitch and moan now.
Matt Knab
What happened to "thanks for coming to the rescue!"
uh oh. Dude just wont shut the damn up.
Matt Knab
He doesn't know when to fold. He just keeps raising!
Aww haha Al is so adorable. 0u0/
Matt Knab
She is. :) And at least SOMEONE isn't complaining about Pyotr's trying to end the situation asap.
The camaraderie the Trust has, even in the face of imminent danger, just goes to show you what an excellent team they make! Supremely confident with the brains and brawn to back it up.
Matt Knab
Things certainly seem to go much more smoothly when they work together as a team. :D
*Now* you're happy to see him, Alice xD
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