Comic 298 - 3.111 - I'll show you mine.

2nd Oct 2014, 3:06 PM in Day 3
3.111 - I'll show you mine.
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Matt Knab 2nd Oct 2014, 3:06 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Woah, what's Grin up to?

Thanks to everyone who has been voting on TWC for Twilight Trust! It means a lot to me. :)


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Epic battle man!

Sorry I didn't vote on the TWC sooner. I honestly don't notice the side stuff that's not your art or comments.

I think being supportive on CF is like a natural law. I suspect I might need to look more closely at peoples' comic pages.
Matt Knab
Thanks, I hope not to disappoint!

No worries, I don't expect anyone to vote, but it always makes me smile to see 2 or 3 people voting each day. :)

CF is definitely an awesome community. In a couple days, I'll have been here a year, and I've not regretted it once!
Methinks sh%& just got real.. I think we are about to see a curb stomping.. ( hopefully )
Matt Knab
I definitely think this fight is coming to an end, one way or another!
Why is smacking Pyotr pointless? :D
The Chessmaster
He survived having a hole through his stomach a few days ago. He can take getting smacked around.
Matt Knab
Indeed. If he can regrow whole organs, punching and kicking him isn't going to do much. :D
GO WINNEGRID! :D (I'm so excited to see what she can do!)
Matt Knab
The next couple of pages will be a sight to see!
Looks like she's got something up her sleeve ;D

Oh, I'll be sure to vote.

edit: cool incentive sketch!
Matt Knab
Thank you! XD
And what do YOU do, Winnegrid? :D
Matt Knab
She makes sparkles?
No wait, she's not THAT kind of vampire. ;)
Dang you update faster than I can comment! Haha
WOOO go grin! Finally getting some punches in :D

I feel more confident of their chances with Peach, Grin, AND Douglas XDD
Matt Knab
All according to plan. >:)
Haha, seriously though - yeah, I think Williams is a bit outnumbered and outmatched by our team.
Fly = Nosferatu. Talk to animals = Gangrel. Shadows = Lasombra. Glowing crap...possibly Tremere. Anyone else play VTM in its heyday?
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