Comic 299 - 3.112 - Light show.

3rd Oct 2014, 3:06 PM in Day 3
3.112 - Light show.
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Matt Knab 3rd Oct 2014, 3:06 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Yes, this is very similar to the way the way the warriors of Felora draw energy from the aether. ;)


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Sweet magic style Grin. Looks like he should have quit while he was ahead ;D
Matt Knab
It's a bit flashy for her style, so she only uses it in extreme circumstances. :)
That was a little rude, Grin. You didn't give the bad guy a chance to monologue. XD
Matt Knab
I think they've all said their piece. Now it's time to finish this. :)
Very Nice glowy effect and shading :3
The Chessmaster
Oops. I guess slamming her into a wall wasn't such a good move after all.
Matt Knab
It would have been only if he could have grabbed Alice and gotten away before Grin could recover.
Douglas' strategic retreat delayed him long enough. :)
Not so cocky now!!! Eh?
Matt Knab
No, I don't think he thinks he's top dog anymore.
50 bucks says the answer lol

Awesome magic effects btw!
Matt Knab
Haha, we'll see soon enough!
Thank you!
Matt Knab
D'awww and hooray at the same time!
yep hes boned.. :D
Matt Knab
One way or another!
Incoming 5th element blast.
Tear a hole in reality, eh? More like the scarlet bi...HEY HEY! Didn't see you there.
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