Comic 301 - 3.114 - Wait, what?

7th Oct 2014, 2:50 PM in Day 3
3.114 - Wait, what?
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Author Notes:

Matt Knab 7th Oct 2014, 2:50 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Bad news is, it looks like the ring protected Mr. Williams.
Good new is...he seems as surprised as we are?

I finished a huge teamup poster, inspired by the recent crossover exchange. Check it out HERE!


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Hahaah I love his confused face :D
Stop making me like him, he's a bad guy and I can't stop liking him .>____<. Why have you made such a cool looking fella a bad guy? whyyyy? <chews Matt's sleeve in anger>
Cool looking bad guys are the best bad guys!
Matt Knab
Oh noes, my sleeve!
I don't really like "throw away" villains, so I try to make them interesting in some way!
Oh, I really thought he was done for. XD

I love that crossover poster! SO COOL! <3
Matt Knab
Williams thought so too!

Thanks! You all are inspiring. :)
The Chessmaster
Okay, so this hints at two other things: given that the blast dispersed a bit ahead of him, I'm guessing that the ring created a shield in front of him instead of just making him invulnerable. Also, it appears to either be controlled subconscious or have a mind of its own.
Matt Knab
I love when people theorize about what's going on! I'm trying very hard to tell a story complex enough that readers can do just that, but not so complex that it becomes confusing. :)
I bet there are car alarms going off XD

Awesome poster man!
Matt Knab
Oh, definitely. :)
Hm....a ring like that has to come at a cost, right? Either way....gotta chop that finger off!
You know, I kind of thought it was wrong for Grin to beat this guy. Not because she's not awesome enough, but because I think it's Douglas' job. ;)
Matt Knab
Bingo. :)
I admit some author intervention here. This is Douglas and Pyotr's story, after all.
Whatttt? Ahhh plot twist he's alive. OwO
Matt Knab
I hope I'm not dragging it out TOO much. Williams is still hanging on, but only a few more pages will finish the fight for good!
I call that, the Michael Jackson defense.
Matt Knab
He's waiting for someone to tell him he's on candid camera. :)
heh wolfy boy looks like hes covering his bits there.. and dang thats a big ditch :D
Matt Knab
Heheh, he's been surprised in an awkward pose. XD
uh...didn't do much? I think the Department of City Planning will have something to say about that.
Matt Knab did a bunch of damage, but not to the intended target ;)
Where's Isildur when you need him? xD
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