Comic 307 - 3.120 - Some settling may occur.

15th Oct 2014, 3:49 PM in Day 3
3.120 - Some settling may occur.
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Matt Knab 15th Oct 2014, 3:49 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Yeah...all those bullet wounds are definitely taking their toll now.


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Oh? His original clothes are back? Was the whole transformation an illusion? o.O Or if they are self repairing clothes...I want some! :D
If there is a such thing as self-repairing clothes... I need some of that for my kids. XD

Great page, Matt! And Happy Early Birthday! (If I don't manage to make it online tomorrow!) :)
Matt Knab
It wasn't an illusion, it actually transformed his clothing along with his body!
The damage sustained carries over once the effect wears off, however.

Thanks Alicia! XD
So.... there is ANOTHER type of planning? :O
Matt Knab
This would be the "seat of your pants" brand of planning. :)
Uh oh, looks like his magic is backfiring. Maybe he'll disintegrate.

If he was able to act on an idea that Douglas had for only 5 seconds then I'm impressed.

Oh, and I'm with Proxy, self repairing clothes would be so sweet!
Matt Knab
Nah, he's just back to being a regular guy. With 5 gunshot wounds...
Pyotr knows Doug so well that he can predict Doug's random thoughts.
Matt Knab
They have been working together for five years now. :D
Lol! We all love our reckless Douglas who barely thinks things through more than 5 seconds in advance XDD
Matt Knab
We're all grateful that he DOES think in advance sometimes. XD
Got anything else to say to Douglas, tough guy?
Matt Knab
Perhaps..."Ow"? ;)
hehe awww no beat down?
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