Comic 308 - 3.121 - Also, seven...

16th Oct 2014, 2:28 PM in Day 3
3.121 - Also, seven...
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Matt Knab 16th Oct 2014, 2:28 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Aw...he looks so cute when he's unconscious. Y'know...for a mass murderer.


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Come on Pyotr, you've built at least some rapport with her. I'll say she's thinking of the number 9, since that's the first thing that came to me, but unfortunately I'm no mind reader.
Matt Knab
Well, they've only just met two days ago. That's not enough time to REALLY get to know someone.
Oh, that's right, it seems like so much longer when your reading the comic one day at a time XD
Pyotr's a man of many awesome talents ^_^ And Not cute. Squish it, Douglas. Or double tap, Pyotr XD
Double tap. Safety first.
I'm gonna have to side with Proxy on this one. Kill it... kill it with fire. Or just step on his head until it pops like a pimple.
Matt Knab
I wonder just what they'll do with Mr. Williams now that they have him...
He is totally cute .>______>.
Argh you Matt! :P
Matt Knab
Who me?
LOL dont the bad guys always look different when they are down..
LOL. Stick man.
Matt Knab
He's still working out the right nickname for Mr. Williams. :)
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