Comic 315 - 3.128 - Pleased to meet you.

27th Oct 2014, 3:15 PM in Day 3
3.128 - Pleased to meet you.
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Matt Knab 27th Oct 2014, 3:15 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Douglas and Pyotr's first meeting wasn't under the best of circumstances...

Oh, and a special welcome to the latest couple of subscribers. Twilight Trust is now up to a nice even 50. Thanks for reading! XD


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I didn't expect him to be full grown here.

Love that last panel.
Matt Knab
Yup, we'll see exactly what happened that day a bit later in the story, but Douglas did indeed grow up LITERALLY over night!
Oh wow... he grew instantly there? :D

This is the most awful thing about investigations.. I know they're needed but being the victim, or victim's family, you're not only dealing with the horrible thing you just went through, you're dealing also with heartless system that makes you go through this, assuming wrong things from you, and causing even more trauma...
Matt Knab
He certainly did!
Yeah, it can be rough sometimes. Douglas has been through a lot...
That last panel... *.* Very cool!
Matt Knab
Douglas looks scary without his suit, huh?
This is a great side story! It's so nice to be learning more about him.
Matt Knab
I'm glad you are enjoying! :D
Whoa, Douglas was in rough shape! Good thing we know they eventually turned around on him :)
Matt Knab
Yeah, he's been through some very dark times, huh.
Hmmm!!! what do the markings on his bindings mean?????

Congratulations on 50 man!!!!!! Well done!
Matt Knab
Those are runes of binding. They are still not sure what they are dealing with so they wanted to be safe. :)
wow .. Congrats! - That is a seriously Badass moment there ( last panel ) :D really really well done :D
Matt Knab
Thanks, CC!
Roided growth as a survival mechanism,
Matt Knab
Yup, exactly.
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