Comic 318 - 3.131 - Back to the when now?

30th Oct 2014, 3:01 PM in Day 3
3.131 - Back to the when now?
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Author Notes:

Matt Knab 30th Oct 2014, 3:01 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Spoiler alert, he's NOT from the future. :)
And...Day 3 is complete! I hope you are enjoying the story and are looking forward to Day 4 as much as I am!
I've got some fan art and other extras coming next week, but check back in tomorrow for some important announcements!


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You don't tell a hungry vampire 'bite me', it might lead to consequences xD Like teeth in your arm xD
Matt Knab
Exactly! And Grin is pretty hungry after that beam...
Haha! Great job with day 3. I'm definitely looking forward to day 4. Is the whole story told in like a week or does it keep going?

Cheers and Congrats on another milestone!
Matt Knab
This story happens over 6 days.
I do have ideas for a sequel, but I've got 300-400 pages at least to go before we get to that point.
Wow! Your a machine.
LOL I love how Douglas still has some sense of humor about him. But the poor guy probably wants answers more than anyone....well, maybe not more than ME, but ya know ;)
Matt Knab
His humor is his real defense mechanism, at least when it comes to emotional issues.
For everything else, it's his fists. :)
Nice save XD
Matt Knab
I wonder if the radioactive lion was from the future too?
Ha ha YUS! What a perfect way to wrap up the chapter-- with some classic Douglas humor. XD
Matt Knab
I thought it might. :). Thanks!
I need more Matt! I is confuse.
Matt Knab
More is coming very soon! :D
Good gosh I thought he just aged quickly but the plot just thickened
Matt Knab
Very quickly - he went from 9 to 30 in a night!
I like thick plots, as long as there's still some wiggle room. :)
Ever the smart-ass is our Douglas.
Matt Knab
I don't thing THAT will ever change. :)
gah ive missed a page ! Too darn busy with that exhange thingy "D great page :D
LOL, love Douglas. XD; He's hilarious!
Matt Knab
I'm glad you think so! I imagine he'd be a bit grating in real life, but he sure is entertaining at a distance. ;)
awwww this is a great page ^_^
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