Comic 331 - 4.5 - Coming clean.

17th Nov 2014, 3:53 PM in Day 4
4.5 - Coming clean.
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Author Notes:

Matt Knab 17th Nov 2014, 3:56 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Keeping secrets isn't going to help anyone at this point.


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She's so little! I want to hug her but i know I'll get bitten.
Matt Knab
Only if you're hiding some pretty serious guilt. ;)
Time to spill Grin ;D
Matt Knab
Collaboration go!
We finally learn something about Al, yay :)
Matt Knab
We will eventually, but Grin doesn't have much more info than the story from Larsen to go on.
Yes, do tell...I'm curious as well.
Matt Knab
She's just going to fill him in on what she heard from Larsen. Sorry to disappoint!
The Chessmaster
Hmm... it's too bad Douglas isn't here, since he's the only person who both saw what happened when Chuck attacked Alice and likes and trusts Pyotr.
Matt Knab
I can only imagine how he would tell his version of the story!
Aw, come on, Matt!

You're going to make me wait...
Matt Knab
I'm afraid so. :)
Have to wonder what the effect would be if she absorbed a bit of Alice's blood/essence? Freely given of course to get around her shielding.
Matt Knab
Unfortunately, consent wouldn't matter. Harm done is reflected regardless.
If Grin COULD, she may very well get a "turbo burst".
HOORAY! Revelation!
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