Comic 333 - 4.7 - How do you argue with that?

19th Nov 2014, 3:36 PM in Day 4
4.7 - How do you argue with that?
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Matt Knab 19th Nov 2014, 3:36 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Oh, Douglas...
Though, on closer examinations, is that bit about the explosions Douglas' attempt to cover for Grin?


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Ha ha, oh man! Again with the awesome dialog! Seriously, I love reading this comic so much and that is one of the major reasons why. XD
Matt Knab
Thanks Alicia!
Hopefully there won't be too much of a noticeable change as we venture into my post-six-year-break work. :)

Douglas you're the best! :D

I love this GIF. Appropriate too. I've been looking for it for awhile. Thank you.

I'll just spend my next half hour lulling myself to sleep as I watch it loop.
OMG Saari if you could see how hard this made me laugh... You'd wanna slap me as much as I wanna slap me after wiping the tears off my face XDDD
Matt Knab
Heck yeah!!! XD
hahah Make him stop talking .. Priceless ! :D
Matt Knab
The poor chief is experiencing simultaneous embarrassment, frustration, and complete helplessness. Sounds like the average mid-afternoon cable offerings. XD
This just makes Douglas all the more adorable. Don't you think?
Matt Knab
Haha, I suppose! I'm sure the owners of those buildings don't think so, though. ;)
Haha! Yes, it wasn't his fault they put the buildings there XD
Matt Knab
Did he draw up the plans? I didn't think so!
LOL "It wasn't my fault they put buildings there" XD Oh Douglas...maybe we should leave the PR to someone else...
Matt Knab
Putting him on live TV was a terrible idea, that's for sure.
Wonderful writing. Now I gotta read all the back chapters...
Matt Knab
Glad to have you aboard! Hope you enjoy the story. :D
The Chessmaster
Douglas X explosion (Dougsplosion) OTP.

That is all.
Matt Knab
Can't wait till the next Dougsplosion! XD
Gotta admit, he's right on both counts.
Bombs are GREAT!
Now I'm imagining them making Douglas go on some superhero reality TV show to pay for the costs xD
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