Comic 334 - 4.8 - Superhero or bust.

20th Nov 2014, 3:19 PM in Day 4
4.8 - Superhero or bust.
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Matt Knab 20th Nov 2014, 3:19 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
That fight last night WAS a deal more than their usual monster extermination mission. But still, not a good idea to let the whole situation be taken out of their hands...


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When there's only one deal, ya gotta take it.
Matt Knab
Perhaps. Douglas and Pyotr think outside the box, though.
Hm...and wouldn't it be in the Guild's best interest to help the Trust? Or is this another one of those three letter organization ego battles? lol
Matt Knab
Something like that. The two organizations aren't entirely fond of each other, and get along by mostly staying out of each other's way.
Had to make a deal eh? Proxy is right. This does become more difficult when dealing with a pissing contest.
Matt Knab
Yup. And the Trust does not have the "pull" that the Guild does.
Sigh... red tape.. lots of yellow too .. >_<
Matt Knab
Yup. Hoops to jump through and all that. :-/
STUPID MOVE! They should never have turned Charles over to this Guild...they're costumed freaks bringing comics to life. TT is much more adept at handling such situations.
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