Comic 336 - 4.10 - The bigger picture.

24th Nov 2014, 3:31 PM in Day 4
4.10 - The bigger picture.
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Matt Knab 24th Nov 2014, 3:31 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Tevin/Zarithos looks scary in color. XD


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Gorgeous page!

It's been a long time since day one. i should really go back and give it another look over.
Matt Knab
You might see things a bit differently upon a second reading! :D
The Chessmaster
Yeah, that might be the kind of thing you want to take a close look at, Chief.

So, what's the story about Pyotr's glasses? Did he get new lenses? Is he still using the old ones? They could be paramount... well, probably not, but I'm still curious.
Matt Knab
I imagine he has a few spare sets, seeing how his line of work can get rather rough. :)
You tell 'em Pyotr!
Second panel = epic.
time for explanations :D
I figured this was the justification Pyotr would use, but at the same time, sometimes more leads pop up when you let pieces of the puzzle move...
Matt Knab
He's more concerned that it's going to be taken out of their hands, stuffed in a box, and filed away in some basement. :-/
Go on Peach...tell it like it is, my son.
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