Comic 338 - 4.12 - Whatever it takes.

26th Nov 2014, 9:35 AM in Day 4
4.12 - Whatever it takes.
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Matt Knab 26th Nov 2014, 9:35 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone! Updates will resume on Monday.


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Ahhhh peach is so epic XD
Matt Knab
Not bad for an old guy? ;D
Oh Wow! Pyotr's older than I am :o
This made me giggle. :3
Yeah... Hm. That poses a bit of a problem for my story later... Superheroes getting involved in politics...
Matt Knab
Those two kinds of power don't mix well!
Ooooh, this is the kind of argument I like! No real clear logical winner here, just a lot of

It's hard to find a balance between the "big picture" and acknowledging the importance of every life.
Matt Knab
Indeed. Plus, the powers that be don't know the bigger picture!
happy T-day! and loving this verbal smack down L:D
Matt Knab
Thanks CC!
Yes! You tell him! :)
Matt Knab
Pyotr doesn't hold back!
Pyotr, you badass you! <3
Matt Knab
He can definitely put the hammer down when need be!
He looks great for his age...and I will say this, if you employ a 1000-year old half-angelic being like Peach, you're going to get some flak if things don't go according to plan. The Trust is made up of superpowers...and Andrew had better damn well man up and manage them accordingly rather than playing politics. There I said it.
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