Comic 348 - 4.22 - Hard to top that?

22nd Dec 2014, 2:49 PM in Day 4
4.22 - Hard to top that?
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Matt Knab 22nd Dec 2014, 2:49 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Tomorrow will be the last page of Day 4, Part 1, just in time for the holiday!


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Wow! The last page of day 4. That's really cool. As always I'm looking forward to more awesomeness.
Matt Knab
Only the first part of day 4. Plenty more chapters to come!
Oh sorry, I missed the "part 1"

Time to play dirty, I guess:O
Matt Knab
SOMEONE'S not going to be playing nice very soon, that's for sure!
Uh it comes...she IS the girl from his childhood, isn't she?? D:
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