Comic 358 - 4.26 - The preview one.

15th Jan 2015, 1:54 PM in Day 4
4.26 - The preview one.
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Author Notes:

Matt Knab 15th Jan 2015, 1:54 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Our usual update schedule is interrupted by the surprise early arrival of my new baby daughter!
Updates will resume once we're home and settled in. In the meantime, here's a preview of next page (hurray for hospital WiFi!).


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Matt Knab
Thank you!
Congratulations :D
Matt Knab
Thank you! :D
Congrata on continuing to propagate the species Matt!
Matt Knab
Just doing my part! ;) Thanks!
Wow, dude, congrats man!

(Jeez, you're amazing! You update like 50 pages a week for your comics, and now you're a dad! That's impressive ;D)
Matt Knab
Haha, right? I likely won't be able to have any marathon comic sessions for a little while. ;)
I'm very excited for you! It's going to be quite a ride :D
Matt Knab
Indeed it will! Is! All of the rides!
The best chapter of your life has just begun!!
Best wishes, and a well done to mother and daughter too!!

On of my favorite 'wow' moments about being a dad for me, was the first meal where the three of us were sharing supper, just sitting around the table. Mom, and dad, with the baby in the high chair.
Matt Knab
Thanks Skwee!
Can't wait to have my girls home!
Oh my gosh!!! Congratulations! So so happy for you! XD XD XD
Matt Knab
Thanks Roux!
Omigosh CONGRATULATIONS~~!! :D And wow, I admire that you are able to update a preview even in the midst of that! XD;;;

<3 bless your beautiful baby girl :D
Matt Knab
Thanks Rufi!
I can't work on my pages while I'm away from home, but at least I can upload my works in progress via GoogleDrive from my phone.
That's so exciting!!!! Congratulations, friend!!
Matt Knab
Thanks Dolli!
Congratulations, sir :D May she grow up awesome and happy!

And... I've caught up D: I am happy and sad...
Matt Knab
Double thank you! I'll have more for ya very soon. :D
Congrats.. I hope all is well ( I thought I commented on here before >_< stupid me .. )
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